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Panasonic Toughbooks are preferred by diesel mechanics that work with CAT ET SIS & John Deere Service Advisor EDL because they are FULLY RUGGED and designed to take a beating in harsh environments like a workshop, scorching heat and even in the heavy rain.


The screen is SUNLIGHT READABLE which is perfect for outdoor use. Most laptop screens will washout in very direct bright light. It is also has a TOUCHSCREEN so you can use your finger or a stylus pen to manage your Heavy Duty Diesel Caterpillar or JD software.


The touchpad is PRESSURE SENSITIVE so even if your fingers are dirty, wet or greasy it will still work, unlike consumer laptops that work based on an electrical charge. You could even be wearing gloves and it would still work... Try that on a "Made in China" laptop. 


These are used by POLICE and MILITARY because of their reliability and toughness! The outside of Toughbook is a TOUGH MAGNESIUM ALLOY making it 20x STRONGER than cheap plastics used in typical consumer laptops like Dell, Lenovo, etc... You can drop this from a 6' height and it would still work fine! Check out the torture video below.

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